About us

This is where we should be in pitch mode, but we're not like that. We've never been like that. We've always done things our own way, which is how we've ended up here. With a carefully curated edit of products and brands, an office shelf currently collapsing under the weight of our awards, and a rockstar team who love their day job.

We're not afraid of change or adapting to better suit our customer's needs, which is why you may have noticed our pretty big makeover! Our new name reflects our move from award-winning mother and baby site, to a place where the every-woman can be served; whether she's a parent, into practicing Yoga, wants to refresh her home, or discover the latest beauty product, we have everything all in one place.

If you were familiar with Mini Exchange, then you will love Sprii as we have more products to choose from, more categories to explore, more personalised to you. Sprii is the ultimate lifestyle destination for women, a place to indulge your Everyday Wishlists and experience fast and fearless shopping, absolutely guilt-free.

Why Shop With Us?

So that all sounds great, but why us? Well, in short, we are all about you. Providing you with an edit of the coolest brands and products, offering you a seamless shop and ship process and going that extra mile for you with an exceptional customer service team. Without you, we're just another website and that's just not how we do things.

We're Sprii.com, the new name for Mini Exchange- a curated lifestyle hub for the every-woman to engage, discover, interact & shop. Welcome to our world.