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  1. Top Car Seat & Stroller Accessories

    Top Car Seat & Stroller Accessories

    Summer, oh summer! We all have that love and hate relationship with summer. It’s that time of the year when those short walks in the park become a little bit...
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  2. The Tantrums And The Terrible Twos

    The Tantrums And The Terrible Twos

    They have earned their nickname for a reason, but is there anything you can do to ease the strain for you and your child? We take a closer look… ...
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The Sprii.com Story

Everyday Wishlists, Curated For You.

Welcome to Sprii.com, the new name for Mini Exchange. We may look a little different, but we’re still the same website dedicated to serving all of you lovely yummy mummies. Same great Mini Exchange shopping experience, same excellent customer service, only now we’re so much more.

More products to choose from, more categories to explore, more personalised to you. Because, that’s just how we roll. Indulge in your Everyday Wishlists and shop all of your mum and baby essentials with us.

We’re Sprii.com and we’re proud to be THE shopping destination for all mums in the Middle East. Welcome to our world…