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  1. The 411 On Protein Shakes

    The 411 On Protein Shakes

    Ah, protein shakes. Did you instantly think of a muscular man looking to bulk up even further? That’s the issue when it comes to perception vs reality. In the past...
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  2. Things To Do In Dubai This Ramadan

    Things To Do In Dubai This Ramadan

    Ramadan, the ninth month of Islamic calendar, is set to commence this weekend. In what is usually a frantic and fast paced city, Dubai will slow down tremendously and different cultures...
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The Sprii.com Story

Everyday Wishlists, Curated For You.

Welcome to Sprii.com, the new name for Mini Exchange. We may look a little different, but we’re still the same. Same great MiniExchange shopping experience, same excellent customer service, only now we’re so much more. More products to choose from, more categories to explore, more personalised to you. Because, that’s just how we roll. Indulge in your Everyday Wishlists, go on a shopping spree guilt-free... we’re Sprii.com and we’re proud to be a curated lifestyle hub for the every-woman to engage, discover, interact and shop.